Winter Fashion Trends in Europe 2021

London winter fashion shows are already hitting the runways, giving some insight into the new trends for the upcoming season. Given the unique circumstances of the year, fashion trends are being influenced by current events – but what does this mean for winter fashion? 

Varsity Jackets to Keep You Warm

Unsurprisingly, jackets were at the fore of many of the London winter fashion shows. After all, winter is a cold season where lots of thick layers that provide warmth and comfort are best used.

The varsity jacket is an interesting trend in this regard. While not the thickest or largest winter jacket you could own, the garment is made from premium quality leather. This means exceptional insulation to keep you warm, all while rocking the college-athlete look.

Men’s varsity jackets are expected to be a big trend this winter, as are women’s varsity jackets. The latter has more versatile style options though, resembling the classic bomber look but with a dash of preppy-chic.

For other jacket options, long overcoats and trench coats are expected to make waves too, offering a classic outerwear aesthetic.

Cosy Sweatpants

As much of northern Europe enjoys cold winters, it makes sense that garments that keep warm and cosy are big hits for the new season. This includes sweatpants, which have been one the star trends of the year in 2021.

Given how many people have spent 2021 sitting at home, it makes sense that sweatpants are must-have items this year. Slim sweatpants defined the spring and summer season and fitted sweatpants will have their place in the winter too.

These are great for keeping legs nice and cosy on those frosty morning jogs, while perfect for lying around the house over the winter. The tapered style of slim sweatpants means plenty of styling options for footwear.

You can’t go wrong with sneakers for a casual winter look, although boots are making a big comeback for the winter. Pairing chunky boots with slim sweatpants is an excellent way to add structure to a winter outfit, especially when paired with chunky jackets. Why not combine a varsity jacket for the complete winter-athlete look?

Other styles of sweatpants work too.

Bold and Bright Tracksuits

With 90s style trending once again in Europe, expect to see sportswear to remain a popular staple of 2021. Inspired by 90s revival, bold and bright tracksuits are in, with large vintage logos taking centre stage.

Many sportswear trends focused on plain polyester tracksuits for a minimalist look, but basic brands are taking a backseat to these bold and bright pieces. While retro 90s brands are great for this, you can achieve the look using all kinds of athleticwear.

Think any tracksuit set using vibrant colours and bold patterns, while retro-style logos from lesser known brands also works well.

Winter is a time for relaxing at home, yet you still want to look good for those rare forays into the cold. For those occasions, a bold tracksuit works well, whether hitting the gym or the supermarket.

Hoodies, Hoodies, and More Hoodies 

Autumn and winter bring colder temperatures, so that means lots of layers for your winter outfits. Unsurprisingly, the humble hoodie is one of the best options for keeping warm while styling well with various outfits. 

XXXL hoodies are expected to be a big hit this winter – even if you aren’t that size! Oversized hoodies offer a relaxed fit that is perfect for your casual winter wear, while being flexible enough to work with everything from jeans to leggings. 

For men, a regular fit hoodie is just as versatile, pairing nicely with all kinds of outfits. For instance, pair your hoodie with slim fit sweatpants for a sleek athleisure aesthetic or combine the hoodie with jeans and a winter jacket for a stylish outfit that keeps you warm. 

While a good varsity jacket will keep you warm when paired with a hoodie, all kinds of wintery jackets work well with a hoodie. This includes parkas and leather jackets, the latter of which is expected to be another top trend for winter 2021.  

As previously mentioned, tracksuits with bold and bright hues are expected to be popular this winter. You can follow this trend with your hoodies, looking for vibrant tones and vintage logos for a simple but effective statement piece. 

For instance, a champion hoodie is a classic 90s throwback style that is making big waves this winter season. Thick and comfortable, they offer that perfect balance between style and function. 

Of course, simple hoodies are also a fine choice, especially considering how many you are likely to wear this winter. Finding the right balance between cheap hoodies and designer hoodies is recommended for those that want to rock this look throughout winter. 


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