Top Fashion Trends Europe in 2021

2021 has been an interesting year when it comes to fashion trends in Europe. The covid pandemic has naturally influenced the ongoing trends for the year. We are staying at home, spending more time online shopping, while also focusing on comfort beyond anything else. 

As a result, there are some unique aspects to the top fashion trends of the year. A focus on style and comfort appears to be the connecting thread between each trend – as you can see by the list below!

Jackets to Bring Out Your Inner Jock 

There is one major jacket trend hitting Europe this year – the varsity jacket. 

While synonymous with the American high school jock, varsity jackets are being worn by men from all walks of life. It is easy to see the appeal, with the premium quality materials offering a robust but stylish look that works throughout the seasons. 

Women’s varsity jackets are also popular, with the bomber style being flexible enough to work with countless outfits. Most are pairing their jackets with contrasting textures, be it slim denims, a plaid skirt, or slim fit sweatpants. 

Tones for female letterman jackets are often more subdued than their male counterparts. Men’s varsity jackets use bold colours and patterns, like the famous sports teams they are fashioned after. For women, subtle tones are favoured for their versatility – think black, grey, and navy with white detailing.  

The bomber jacket made a surprise return to the hot trends in spring/summer 2021 in Europe. This is a versatile jacket style that works like a varsity jacket. Available in various styles, popular trends included both cropped and oversized bomber jackets for women. These pair nicely with most casual wear, including jeans, shorts, skirts, leggings, and sweater pants. 

Tracksuits – Perfect for Any Occasion 

Tracksuits have made a big comeback in recent years, and their popularity shows no signs of slowing. Inspired by 1990s style tracksuits, current trends aim to bring together versatile pieces that work as part of any outfit, from everyday casuals to fashion statements worn in town.

There are a lot of options for tracksuits this season, so what are your best choices? Slim tracksuit sets offer the most versatility, being perfect for both fitness and fashion. 

In terms of colours and tones, there are plenty of trending options for this season. For instance, a navy blue tracksuit is a hot trend for the summer season, working for all kinds of occasions, both casual and formal. 

One of the big trends with tracksuits in Europe this year is coordination. Match other garments with the style and colour of the tracksuit set, coordinating your jacket, sneakers, and accessories. 

Looking to make a real statement? Then why not take your tracksuit game to a new level with a designer tracksuit

Sweatpants – Much More Than Sportswear 

Sweatpants are not just for lounging around at home anymore! One of the hottest trends of 2021 in Europe is men’s slim sweatpants. This style contours around the lower body, highlighting your legs to great effect!

This style is making waves across the pond too. Many NBA stars are rocking slim-fit sweatpants to great effect this season. These often come with flexible materials that stretch around the legs, making them good for running too. 

After all, some people still plant on using sweatpants for exercise!

However, it is not just slim sweatpants that are trending in Europe – almost all styles are coming back into fashion! 

For example, loose-fitting sweatpants evoke a vintage style that is becoming popular throughout European cities. Great for casual encounters and day to day life, these offer the perfect balance between comfort and style. 

Sweatpants don’t just need to be paired with other athleticwear, however. 

You can pair your comfy bottom with chunky boots and an oversize coat or blazer for a great ensemble piece. Mix and match different materials and textures with your sweatpants! 

Again, versatility is the key to good sweatpants for men or women. There are options available for every occasion and budget! 

Keeping it Casual With Hoodies 

An oversized hoodie is great for those chill days on the couch or for those commutes where comfort is important. Think long commutes to work, unwinding after a workout, or heading out into the city with friends. 

Hoodies are being used to highlight one of the big fashion trends this summer – bold colours. While soft pastels are always great for casual wear, going with bold and vibrant hues really works as a statement piece. 

While it is often viewed as sportswear, hoodies have quickly become a staple in streetwear throughout Europe. Given all the time spent indoors the past two years, it makes sense that comfort becomes at the forefront of our fashion!

However, designer hoodies are becoming as popular as cheap hoodies. Women in Europe are pairing their hoodies with other fashionable garments like blazers and chunky knitwear. This helps add structure to outfits by focusing on the entire look rather than just the hoodie.

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