about legacyball

About Us

We are Legacy Ball, an organisation that celebrates all things basketball, including the sport and the culture surrounding it. Basketball is a sport loved by millions around the globe. Our goal is to bring these people together to celebrate their shared love of the great game. We do this in a few different ways to – an online clothing store and special live events.

A Celebration of Fashion and Culture

We love the fashion culture behind basketball, from the iconic sneakers to the modern athleticwear taking the industry by storm. Fashion is something we are passionate about here. Style is an important aspect of basketball culture, with players and fans doing their part to look good for a game. Modern men’s fashion is now strongly influenced by sports like basketball.

We wear the colours and emblems of our favourite teams, by the sneakers of our favourite players, and generally celebrate our love for basketball by wearing casual clothing inspired by the sport. This is why we aim to run one of the best clothing websites, focus on basketball-inspired clothing. Each garment is handpicked for its quality and style. We use only the best materials to ensure clothes do not just look great but also last. 

After all, our clothing is incredibly versatile, being suitable for everything from live games to relaxing at home. We sell all your favourite sports fashion items including tracksuits, sweater pants, hoodies, and varsity jackets. 

A Live Experience Like No Other

Legacy Ball hosts live events that celebrate our love for basketball. Inspired by NBA All-Start games, our live events bring fun to the forefront. It’s about having a good time watching all the things we love about basketball. There is a selection of games available at each event, and we want you to take part. Get your friends or colleagues together and compete in a series of high-octane games. That, or sit back and watch others battle it out for the bragging rights. 

Our events are about creating a fun atmosphere amongst fans of basketball, fashion, and good music. We have a live DJ on hand to set the perfect party ambiance, helping to recreate the live basketball experience. But do not take our word for it -attend our amazing live events and see for yourself! Our events are family-friendly, so bring the kids along too for a fun-filled day of basketball.  

Basketball has always been a part of my life.I was into this exciting sport at a very young age. When I turned 9 I joined clubs and started practicing. I didn’t just stop there. I recognised this is the game I feel. Street basketball was the reason that made me believe in basketball. Because there I had a lot of fun & motivation by playing with friends and also challenging them. Based on this background I promised myself to become a basketball entertainer to make sure we leave this legacy. "
Elom Limoan